Friday, March 04, 2005

Free from sin, free to worship God...

Romans is SUCH a great book! This afternoon, I was reading Ch. 6 & 7 and contemplating this freedom that we've been so graciously given from our loving Heavenly Father. We are not only free from sin, but we are free to be ourselves before Him. He knows our weaknesses, He knows what we struggle with. BUT He has promised us victory over sin's reign in our lives.

"Lord, may we always seek Your strength in overcoming sin. We are more than conquerors through Christ. You have told us that sin no longer is our master...You are. What an honour and a privilege to be loved by the King Himself. Help us to remember that we are ALIVE in Christ. In Christ our Saviour we pray, Amen."


Dead to sin, alive in Christ
What is this precious gift of life?
That I should know the love of God
To walk with You in love's pure light

My old self was crucified
And I serve sin no more
You paid the price, You bought me back
You've opened up the door

Satan cannot touch me
He's powerless to try
You've freed me from his chains of death
In Christ I am alive

Joined with Christ in death and life
You've raised me I am told
And one day as Your precious bride
I'll walk the streets of gold

No other love can satisfy
No other joy I know
You'll never leave me by myself
You'll always hold me close.

copyright Jen Lenhart, 2005


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